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About Spectrum

We have the right products to fit your needs, with our comprehensive set of services.

At Spectrum Engineering, we provide a diverse and comprehensive set of services that translate themselves into the perfect engineering solution for your property. Through professional team members who are simply the best in their fields and a belief in only the finest quality materials, Spectrum Engineering has turned many a mere structure into warm homes, successful offices and thriving commercial facilities.

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Our Mission

We aim to be the best finishing contractor in Egypt

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Our Vision

Total client satisfaction is paramount

How we do it

Project Management

The first step to completing a project successfully is to define success as perceived by you; our client. After listening carefully to your needs and requirements, the Spectrum Engineering team sets forth a comprehensive plan of action that guarantees delivering your finished property the way you want it and when you want it.

Engineering Solutions

We undertake each project individually by developing a full understanding of your needs and interpreting your ideas into applicable engineering solutions that are tailored especially for you. By making sure to execute these solutions in the best possible way and by keeping projects on time and on budget, we provide an engineering solution that is personalized to you

Refined Finishing

The materials used by the company are the finest and most suitable to our region and environment. Putting matters such as sustainability, environment friendliness and durability into consideration is something we pride ourselves at. By soliciting suppliers that are only the best in their fields, Spectrum Engineering guarantees nothing less than the best results.

Turnkey Solutions

The ultimate satisfaction is to have a one-step hassle-free solution to having your home, office or commercial property ready for use. This ultimate solution becomes an even better one when it is provided by a group of professional and dedicated engineers who redefine their standards based on your personal preferences. This is how the team at Spectrum Engineering handles the turnkey solution projects that are handled.